Twitter: The newest teacher for twenty first century writers

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In a international of virtual natives, microfiction and social media in academic settings, Twitter is the right device for regenerating 21st century writing, in line with a recent observe in New Writing.

With its live nature — the want to edit at pace, the stern individual restrict — the imposed brevity, Twitter enforces critical inquiry. The text based totally social media channel equips the twenty first century author with the important talents to thrive in the face of emerging writers.
Josie Barnard, Senior Lecturer in innovative Writing with Journalism, Middlesex college, carried out a have a look at to decide whether Twitter can assist students increase innovative writing skills within the school room and in what way. She argues that pen, paper and imagination by myself are now not enough equipment for competing in the writers’ area. The pilot have a look at changed into undertaken to check if there has been any price in introducing Twitter to the innovative writing classroom.

“The getting to know experiences had been interesting to see. The physical activities helped college students broaden a new rigour. tough self-modifying is needed to pare a narrative proper back. The sporting activities additionally helped with writer’s block, imparting sparkling stimulation that aided students’ creativity. The twenty first century brings new challenges for aspiring writers. They ought to come to be multimodal writers, that is, bendy enough in their creative practice on the way to circulate among distinctive styles of writing for exclusive modes of dissemination often within small time frames. The Twitter sports helped the scholars begin to develop those talents.”

historically, the exceptional creative writing changed into concept to rise up within a solitary environment. In twenty first century writing, there is a need for brand spanking new writers to interact in self-promoting and talk with their reader community. Social media invites writers to build writer systems and post frequently. producing publicity is now not the sole duty of the writer. however, regardless of a burgeoning interest in the literary international with ‘microfiction’, a genre that Twitter, with its a hundred and forty character restriction, is properly perfect to, there remains a reluctance to include Twitter in the teaching of innovative writing. In a faculty awareness survey of 1,958 education experts, lecturers view Twitter, ‘as greater technological litter,’ explaining why Twitter can be rejected in an academic setting.

two BA innovative writing lessons have been asked to complete physical activities as well as an assessment sheet between November 2012 and March 2013. college students had been invited to tweet approximately a fixed topic and given a hashtag to embed inside tweets. Storify was used to collate the tweets and projected on a clever board wherein the micro narratives had been arranged accordingly. within the elegance, college students nonetheless taken into consideration and submitted paintings in conventional codecs however moved among extraordinary forms of writing. running together as a collection inspired self belief in modifying the work of others highlighting the importance of network on what changed into as soon as taken into consideration an isolated hobby. most people of contributors within the pilot observe claimed that Twitter helped meet all the getting to know objectives stipulated inside the evaluation bureaucracy.

the use of Twitter in creative writing teaching challenges conference — brevity replaces the lengthy phrases regularly perceived as signs of excellent writing. The absence of handouts and live nature of tweets subtle the capabilities needed to critique immediately. Twitter lays foundations for crafting the story for the twenty first century creator.

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