Trumping Twitter: Examining the deleted tweets of Donald Trump

admin | June 10, 2016 | 0 | Twitter

Donald Trump’s Twitter account isn’t always like other politicians’ Twitter accounts. His tweets don’t study like carefully crafted, attention group-tested messages; they function ALL CAPS, liberal use of exclamation factors (“sad!”) and crude nicknames for his opponents. however all and sundry, even Trump, tweets something they remorse — and then deletes it. way to daylight’s Politwoops tool, we recognise which Trump tweets didn’t make the reduce.

Trump doesn’t regularly delete tweets, even if he retweets a white supremacist. most of Trump’s entries in Politwoops are typos, and he quickly re-tweets a version of the equal tweet, inclusive of his well-known chance to “spill the beans” on Ted Cruz’s spouse that became deleted and directly tweeted once more. And final week Trump deleted and reposted a tweet promoting an event in California that blanketed a screenshot from a flight simulator after the writer of the image placed a copyright declare on it.

looking on the previous few weeks of Trump’s deleted tweets, though, there’s an thrilling sample: nearly all of the tweets he deletes are approximately his media appearances.

in view that can also 1, Trump has tweeted, deleted and not re-tweeted nine messages approximately media appearances. for example, on June 5, Trump tweeted, “I may be interviewed via @JudgeJeanine tonight at 9pm on @FoxNews. enjoy!” however 12 hours later, at 6:42 a.m., he deleted that tweet. On Monday, June 6, Trump tweeted about his own look on Fox & buddies, deleting the tweet forty two minutes later.

The day before, he tweeted about lawyer fashionable Alberto Gonzales performing on Fox news and deleted the tweet seven minutes later, simply after the section concluded. in the course of that look, Gonzales criticized Trump’s remarks on the judge in the Trump college case, saying it would be “beside the point” to disqualify judge Gonzalo Curiel based totally on his Mexican heritage.

although he doesn’t delete all tweets approximately his media appearances, including this tweet approximately an appearance at the O’Reilly component, all his latest completely deleted tweets are about media appearances. It’s difficult to speculate approximately why Trump deletes these tweets, and a spokesperson for the marketing campaign didn’t answer requests for comment. but it’s well worth noting that a candidate who generally appears to be unembarrassed via something he tweets will constantly delete promotions of his and his surrogates’ media appearances.

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