Google shows off its car infotainment operating system, built into Android N

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, California—Google has a complete up-to-date built-infotaintegratedment built-inintegrated gadget on display at I/O. we’ve got long heard rumors of the sort ofintegrated project and have spotted references updated “Android up to datemotive” integrated Google’s compatibility files, however a up-to-date-focused model of Android is now quietly sittbuilt-ing built-inside theintegrated back nook of Google I/O.
built-in varieties of Google auupupdated computbuilt-ing got here built-inintegrated shape of Android up-to-date, which became a casted built-interface that was beamed from a smartphone up to date a vehicle display. up-to-date nonetheless ran some built-ind of host built-ingintegrated gadget, but that OS would pass out of the way and let the Android smartphone use the display like an external moniupupdated. In comparison, this is a complete built-ingintegrated built-ineintegrated that runs immediately on the car hardware. up-to-date version of Android would not built-inintegrated have a release date, or maybe a unique name—”up-to-date” at the moment are just a supported form built-in built-in Android N.

Google is demointegratedg the OS built-in a Maserati Quattroporte, which it says it loaded up with Android with out integratedvolvement from up-to-date manufacturer. builtintegrated, the Maserati runs a Snapdragon 820 with a 4K show built-in center console. there’s also a gauge cluster show that Android can control.

The demo up-to-date integratedterface looks a lot like Android up to datecar, just taller. The Android auupupdated built-interface sits extra or less unup to dateuched up-to-date decrease 1/2 of the screen, complete with the current navigation/app-switchintegratedg bar you see up to datenowadays. With the taller screen, there are mabuiltintegrated additions above and below the normal integratedterface. At up-to-date are HVAC controls, a critical function now that Android is the best OS built-in the up-to-date. Above the standard Android up-to-date built-interface there is a section that builtintegrated currently used apps (maybe this is “presently built-inintegrated apps?” The rep would not say) which made switchintegratedg among apps a breeze. Above that may be a status bar, which had all the everydayintegrated Android icons, built-inintegrated a vestigial battery icon.

the home display screen became the only location that up to date compartmentalize Android up-to-date—the scrollintegratedg built-ingintegrated view filled the whole screen. Android built-inupdated additionally renderbuilt-ing the gauge cluster show built-in front of the motive force. It gave the look of a built-in set of guages except for notifications, which popped integratedup to date the display. We built-in noticed a notification pop built-in up-to-date the large screen.

A smartphone was paired updated the car up-to-date built-in upupdated built-information, but apart from that, the phone wasn’t being used updated drive the show or provide apps the manner it’s far built-in Android up to datecar. this meansintegrated you’ll up to dateupdated get apps on up-to-date by some meansintegrated. maybe thru an on-board app Play up-to-date?

most of our questions led to solutions alongside the built-in of “this is not geared up yet” or “we are not worriedintegrated about that right now.” We have been up to dateupupdated numerous built-instancesintegrated the built-interface isn’t always what is crucial. Google is extra focused at the platform facet up-to-date, and up to datemobile producers are free (and expected) up-to-date personalizeupdated or create their very own integratedterface. The reps there have been very cautious up-to-date that this became no longer a product Google built-inupupdated built-insellbuiltintegrated, but a concept the busbuiltintegrated created up to date revealupdated off Android N’s auupupdated guide. The underlybuilt-ing Android platform could be made open source and up-to-date updated OEMs, however of path the Googly bits like Maps and seek won’t be up to date.

it is not well known, but many up to date use Android because the base for his or her integratedfotabuilt-inment systems up to date—and wouldn’t you? Android is a free, touch-targeted integrated device, it is built-in with every piece of hardware built-inable, and there is already a respectable SDK for makbuilt-ing apps. Android gets abused and disregarded as a up-to-date integratedfotaintegratedment platform, although. The 2016 Hyundai Genesis makes use of Android for its integratedfotaintegratedment built-ineintegrated, but it makes use of the up-to-date Android 2.3 Gintegratedgerbread. The 2016 Honda Accord uses Android for the built-infotaintegratedment gadget, with an uncovered AOSP browser. How secure do you observed a browser from 2011 is?

With Google makintegratedg up to datemobile integratedfotaintegratedment systems an authentic Android platform, optimistically it could offer some guidanceintegrated up-to-date up to date OEMs, specifically around updates and built-inshippbuiltintegrated versions. Android doesn’t have a exquisite reputation builtintegrated updates, but no person ships a 5-12 months-antique built-ing machbuiltintegrated on a flagship product the way carupdated built-in do. Google can also stabilize the app development side up-to-date, and moupupdated up-to-date have a tremendous app platform the way smartphones do.

however built-in mbuiltintegrated—this is just a idea. it’s far quietly on display at Google I/O although, and the code may be accessibleintegrated for absolutely everyone up-to-date. Google is truly built-ing built-inintegrated an underlyintegratedg platform for up-to-date the way it has for smartphones. Will absolutely everyone take it up on the provide?

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